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Discover flawless audiovisual experiences

Our Troubleshoot service swiftly identifies and resolves glitches, ensuring seamless events, installations, and entertainment systems. Trust Kluege for stress-free, superior technology harmony every time.

Troubleshoot any errors

Our dedicated team will ensure perfection by troubleshooting any equipment or system errors before leaving your spaces.

Preventative maintenance

All technology requires cleaning and maintenance. Routine upkeep can reveal potential system issues, prevent premature equipment failure, and offer reassurance that AV systems are well-maintained.

Protect it before it’s too late

Numerous advantages come with maintenance services. Here are just a few.

Maintenance is essential:

Cost Savings

Extend the life of your systems to reduce overall costs.

Flexible Scheduling

Reduce stress and maintain end-user productivity with adaptable scheduling.

Peace of Mind

Properly maintained systems provide reassurance, especially during critical meetings.

Minimize Downtime

Reduce outages and emergency support calls by keeping systems well-maintained.

Proactive Issue Detection

Identify developing issues before they impact productivity.

Support services you might need

Comprehensive Documentation

For systems not installed by Kluege, we offer a one-time service. This includes taking photos, collecting system drawings, testing the system, and preparing our team to support the room.

Backup Components

Investing in spare hardware accelerates the replacement of failed components. The hardware can be kept in factory condition or pre-configured for a seamless swap.

Latar Belakang Abstrak Bergelombang

Maintain peak performance of your equipment

Ensure your meetings and business aren't disrupted by system failures—let us take care of it.

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